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Contentment is the foundation of true Happiness. The Happiness that comes from fulfilling desires can never be permanent.
If you don't know where you want to go, it doesn't matter which road you take.
Good friends are like stars. You can't see them always but they are always around you when you need them.

I havent talked to Sarah nor seen her after what happened. She wasnt waiting for me 
at my car at 3:30pm, she wasnt waiting for me outside her door at 7:30am. I felt depressed,
sick more than ever. I didnt want to blame my friends for what happen but then again it was ther fault,
if it was for this stupid bet I wouldnt have fallen in love with Sarah. Along with that I havent spoken to
my friends, even if they tried, nothing ever came out my mouth.
"Are you okay?" Kyile questioned, getting herself comfortable sitting at the lunch table. I sat away, in the 
corner from everyone. Hoping and praying that everyone would just leave me alone.
"Yeah, Im fine." I said, never looking up at her but she knew that I wasnt okay,I was hurt. I wanted help,
but I want that help from Sarah, nobody else.
"No you arent, Did you honestly liked Sarah that much?"  She questioned, I look back with a sharp look.
"She was different than the other girls. She actually cared, but I took advantage. I regret it."
"She still cares, you never know."
"Cares? Why would she still care about someone who doesnt like her."
"You dont like her, you love her."
I looked at Kyile again, she was right. I didnt like Sarah, I loved her. And I need her back. Now.
"Yes." I said, finally. 
"You cant give up, Go get her back"
That afternoon I drove to Sarah's house. Ever since she found out about the bet she hasnt been
at school, nor at church and I kida felt bad that someone like her had to go through something
like this. 
I tried to spot Sarah, everywhere in her yard. But she wasnt there, Sarah always told me she loves to
spend time outside, enjoying every moment of everything that went on. 
I saw a shadow from her house and I had knocked and opened the door. Her father looked at me confused
"What the he11 are you doing here Tim?" he said, her father was so old. How could he ever live.
"Wheres Sarah?"
"Oh now you care about my daughter." Her dad snapped back, he always had a smart mouth, that old man.
"I always care about Sarah, I always have. It was only a bet and I regret it. I didnt meant to fall in love with Sarah
but it just happened. The moment she looked at me-"
Save it, You tell Sarah that, Not me." He narrowed his eyes.
I looked around to see where she is at.
"Shes not here."
"So where is she?" I asked , I had a sollow in my voice. Where is Sarah ? Is she okay?
"At the hospital." 
"What? Why?"
Her dad looked at his hands, and then back at me,
"Sarah is diagnosed with cancer."


When I die, cremate me then snort my ashes.

No else can be what you have been to me.
You know I love you mama.Loving you is like food to my soul. 

Stay strong and be yourself
When everything goes wrong,
Stay calm,
Stay strong.
Love who you are!


Stay with me       

youre all i need    

This aint love     

its so clear to see   

  but I dont care.              


I need you.
I miss you.
I love you. 

Come over. I don’t really mind whether we talk for hours, get blind drunk, or sit in silence and look up to the stars. Sometimes, the world down here just gets a bit much, and I need to lose myself in someone’s company for a little while.
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