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Anybody can laugh in Joy, but the bold ones also smile in pain…knowing that pain is just like a zooming train, that will soon pass by.
HELP!. i need some advice. ASAP.

i'm currently in a 9 month relationship. i love him to pieces but i feel as though he doesn't love me as much as he says he does. theres a lot of red flags and i should have left him months ago. but we have a bond that i have never had with ANYONE else. so thats why i hold on. and my heart wants him. thats alli ever think about. but i had recently just met this really great guy. we've already been on 2 dates. and hes everything i've been wanting in a guy. sweet, genuine, caring, thoughtful and such a gentlemen. he's NOTHING like the guy i'm with now. he's simply better. and younger. i'm so confused as to what to do. do i stay with my current relationship and risk getting hurt even more. or do i give this new guy a chance and maybe i'll finally be happy for once. i need a helping hand in this one. even if its not much. thank you in advance. 

~Anybody but her. Any f*cking body but them two.~
~i know what i said and i know what i have but i just cant deal with it. and if i act now, I'd be back to where I didnt want to be then nor do i want to be where i am now. physically and just life wise in general.~

all this time i was finding myself
and i didn't know i was lost

~\1 little mess up and it feels as if everything else is wrong./~
~If I did what I wanted to do, I'd either be arrested or dead by now.~
~I warned you. I told you every day and every second I saw you, I'm not okay. I warned you.~
~It's a small world.~
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