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i found a miracle Not the one I'm looking for, but I was

i found a miracle

Not the one I'm looking for, but I was thinking and I found one.
Red rocks.
I think red rocks are some of the most beautiful things on planet earth. What I mean are the ones that are in Arizona, you know those desert sculptures that just dominate the landscape? When I die, I want to dream of being a red rock. Maybe even be one, for a bit.
They're sanded down by the wind all the time, and it makes me really sad to think that maybe one day they're not gonna stand up tall and brave in the middle of the desert, but that's okay because I think the sand and dust they stand on is just too gorgeous as well.
You know what else I think is beautiful? The night sky. Or the sky in general. Even if you think of it scientifically, how isn't it a miracle that we see black as blue? And we see darkness with broken jewels in it? Stars are my favourite things in the whole of existence, I think.
I love the sky. I'd like to be a rock until the end of earth, and when the sun supernovas in five odd billion years, I want my atoms to fly back into the heart of a beautiful nebula and start making some other planet. I'd like to twinkle, and if there is life out there other than for us, I would like someone to make a wish on me.
Well, my atoms.
I love that - referring to myself as atoms. We're all made of atoms. I'm made of what you're made of, and rocks are made of, and stars are made of.
& if that's not a miracle, I don't know what is.



✖︎whatever✖︎* 8 years ago
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This is the most perfect thing I have ever read. Amazingg
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Amenah 8 years ago
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Wow thank you so much. o.o ♡♡
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