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Some people can't lose weight and some people can't gain


Some people can't lose weight and some people can't gain weight.
Society says you should have a perfect body but in reality there's no perfect body.
Perfection doesn't exist and you should stop looking for it.I hate seeing girls hating how they look,
based on the opinions of others.
You're beautiful and you will only ever have one body.
You're going to have it until the day you die, instead of finding negatives find the positives.
When someone compliments you, thank them. Stop trying to please others just please yourself.
As hard as it might be try to be happy with yourself.
When you die, people aren't going to remember you as “the fat one” or “she was so skinny”
They will remember you by the friendships that you made and the things you acheived.
You are so beautiful, never forget it.



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