Olivia Quotes

red lights, stop signs
i still see your face
There are worse things I could do than go with a boy or two. Even though the neighborhood thinks I'm trashy and no good. I suppose it could be true, but there are worse things I could do.
I could flirt with all the guys; smile at them and bat my eyes, press against them when we dance, make them think they stand a chance then refuse to see it through. That's a thing I'd never do.
I could stay home every night, wait around for Mr.Right. Take cold showers everyday and throw my life away on a dream that won't come true.
I love you, 
I f//inglove you, what even I'm I? 
Justin, the boy who breaks his mirror over a girl because he has anger issues, the boy who was unconcious for over 
five days due to worrying over someone he really f//ing loves, the guy who can't stop thinking 
about this girl who is immensly beautiful, all his thoughts turn into how to be happy; just think about Olivia, 
a huge novel written by Justin C. The idiot who cried over her because he loves her, he really f//ing loves her, 
the guy who's been in love for seven months with the most prettiest girl he knows - literally you're so gorgeous,
the guy who's turned into such a poetic cheesy pansy, something that he thought he would never be, 
the loser who gave up everything he had for this princess here, I've been here for you through thick and thin, 
I've fought for you with everything I had, I've seen you at you're worst and I can proudly say that you're still the best
and I can honestly say that I've never loved someone as much as I've loved you,
I f//ing love you in every way possible, all I need is you, you're stupid jokes, 
you're witty combacks, you're annoying self, you're love, you. 
Insane right? I never thought that I'd be obsessed with someone, love used to be something that I'd call sickly, 
girls to be exact, never did I think that all my essays would be based on you, on us 
You mean so much to me, a message cannot explain how much you mean to me, 
let me come face to face and let you know that you have an estatic soul,a beautiful mind and an amazing face <3
can you be mine?
Never thought I'd say this Olivia, never did I ever f//ing think I would. 
I love you, just to let you know 
So my school might be putting on Twelfth Night next year for our fall play, and the drama club director suggested that I could possibly get cast as Olivia!!! :D
Hanging with Olivia and Emily!!!!

my school is soule school but my school calls it soule sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You All
Who Saved Me Today
on wenesday me and my big sister start school im going in third . my sister is going to 7th.
one direction
 very cool
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