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I ' m t h a t g i r l # 12

Who does weird things on a whim with her mom

♥;; Stand for something. Or you'll fall for anything.*
I ' m t h a t g i r l # 13

Who would rather hang out with her younger cousins
Than the cute guy

If she's amazing; She won't be easy.
If she's easy, She won't be amazing.
If she's worth it, You won't give up.
If you give up, [You're not worthy.]
she's beautiful in her simple little ways.
she don't have too much to say when she get's mad.
she understands, she don't let go of anything.
even when the pain gets really bad.

i guess i should've been more like that.
we had it all, for a pretty little while. & someone you made
me smile when i was sad. you took a chance on a bruised
& beaten heart & then you realized what you had. i guess i
should've been more like that.
i should've held on to my
pride. i should've have never let you lied. i guess you deserved.

i guess i should been more like her.
I ' m t h a t g i r l # 14

Who follows her own trend
and loves that trend even more
when the fashion confused girls
whisper about her

Today, I was at Disneyland. I asked one of the kids in the park in line for a ride whom her favorite Disney Princess is. She said Zac Efron. I couldn't help but laugh. MLIA
a blind man

walked passed a deaf woman and knew it was

l o v e  a t  f i r s t  s i g h t .

                                                             --  A s    t h a t   v e r y   s a m e  --

deaf woman

walked passed
the blind man, she could
h e a r  h e r  h e a r t

pounding in her chest.

not mine

Don't you understand?
I never changed, I'm still that same person from Day1.
You're the one that changed, and let me tell you something,
I really miss the old you
because the new one, pretty much sucks.

We're like magnets.
You can try to pull us apart,
but in the end, we'll end up
stuck together again.
[like true friends are meant to be]

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