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Don't you just love staying up late just to finish that three pasge essay due the next day?
One Direction Update
Hey guys! Sorry if this is a bit late. I had a loooong day at work. Anyway, the boys had a show tonight in Edinburgh. It went great as usual!

They have the next 2 days off before their big weekend in London at Wembley Stadium! Then the UK/Ireland leg of the tour will be officially finished!

Rumors: None

Links: Here are pictures that a fan got tonight. There's some of Little Mix in there as well but the ones on the top are of the boys tonight.
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It's hard enough try walking in my shoes,
To be picked on by my peers who much abuse
And I'm tired of not fitting in true friends is my final wish
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Do I have cramps or has my appendix exploded

Does my boobs hurt or am I having a heart attack

Am I on my period or do I have internal bleeding

These are our struggles

Life without GOALS is like flying a plane not knowing where you want to land. The PURPOSE OF LIFE is to know where we want to go and then go there.-RVM
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you break hearts like promises
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