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Generation's To Come
By: Justice Elliott

Every generation goes through a new type of segregation. Different problems but the same level of responsibility never taken; At least not from the ones who should claim it. The ones in charge have the power to change things, they have it all but still take advantage of the people who work hard to get what they cannot keep. Our pockets are wiped clean, our purity turns to darkness and our hearts harden; its the only way to survive what we deal with in our streets. You may think you run your life, but in reality we're all puppets, controlled by someone from behind the scenes. Its the ugly truth so many rather be blind then see. But we're not blind, all we have to do is open our eyes. We're apart of the problem and its time we stop assisting in their mass genocide. Lets make a plan for all our sakes; we are the 99% which means the odds are in our favour. The 1% cannot take us, its times we show them the monsters they've created. The damage to us is already done, but we can pave a path much better for the generation's to come. Allow our children to be proud of the people they become, give to them what was not given to us. Many regrets but this will not be one.
love is so much bigger when you are rich
you shine like crystalline
Your Colgate smile shines my day
I want you in solid form but
my grey matter don't understand
you shine like crystalline
Your Colgate smile shines my day
I want you in solid form but
my grey matter don't understand
I want to take you on a walk to Paris; I want children too have your nose profile...
nowadays we live in appearances and life is summarized to what you appear to be
You never know when it will all end so say what you need to say.
the night is dark and long but the Aurora is close, you can feel the breeze as you forget my voice, broken words that come from an angel that was salve and witness of a bad role, to fire and magic I turn this is my endĀ  I give thanks to all the support in a cold world I am happy with what I got only God knows what is next salve and witness
I am not a devil i don't want your body... just your heart and soul im a god babydoll
Why is it for you to fall in love with someone, they must mistreat you?

If it is much easier to do it with flowers and chocolates
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