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, what's up ? =D

Here's a bit about me =).

- I love reading, movies, music & qu0tes [ obviously ].
-  I Absolutely Looove Twilight - the series !
- I love to smile, but I don't too often.
- I love to laugh and that happens easily, thanks to my friends. ; )
- I've been through alot of crap // just like everyone;
        and I'm here to share it. To write about it & to try and help others
        get through anything. I didn't have anyone by my side through most 
        times, and I wouldn't like for anyone to go through that Alone.
- It's quotes and songs that pretty much get me through the day.
- ToBeJulietsSecret; Thank you for everything. You are my hero.
        Your songs speak the words I've longed to hear.
- I like to make friends, though I'm shy - unfortionatly.
- I'm pretty much bananas & proud of it - but also sensible when needed.
- I lost one of the most impotant people in my life about a year ago.
        Not by death, or moving away. We just aren't friends anymore. It hurts. Alot.
        I've never told anyone about this- no oneknew we were close; but somehow
        I feel like there's noone//nothing I can trust more than WittyProfiles.
- Don't have much more to say.
- I'll update once in a while...
- Also, Im pretty good at giving advice so feel free
              to ask if y0u wanna know anything or need help. =]

You probably quit reading at the first sentence - but that's fine.
I like to talk to myself  =].


& lo0k at my quotes. Most are mine; & I'm quite proud =].  Some are ones I read on other sites or from movies = ) . I try as hard as I can not to Jock. If I do, it's not on purpose, & just tell me so I know..
Follow me. =]
Favorite my quotes. =)


Talk to me. =D

That's about it..




- Someday, your gonna look at me & recognize my dazzled eyes & broken
- Thats the day when I'm gonna recognize the boy that once meant everything to me & nothing less; but changed.

The worst thing is fighting over who loved who more;
 & finding out that you were right.


Fractured by childish fears.
The ones that stopped me from being

These scars I wear;
'cause you didn't care.

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never quit on music                    

I swear I . . .    I'm Sad, I Need You   backspace

I just want someone to be there for me.


It hurts so much more
with every breath I take.

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