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She was confused and didn't understand why the man would walk away every time they met. And when she saw him and he walked away as usual she finally said to him, "Excuse me sir, why do you walk away when you see me? Am I a bother to you?". She looks at him with sincerety, with eyes of confusion and sadness, hoping that she'll get her reply.

if you do not like a quote of mine, it does not affect me

you obviously did not understand it

because what I post actually matters to me
I do not just randomly post quotes

just because

here is always a reason
Life is a maze. Don't just gaze. Change your pace, to win the race.-RVM

I love you. You're embedded in every fiber I own.

is it better to be really honest with people
and talk about issues that are not always  happy

just avoid talkin
g about it
and constantly sugarcoat your words because you
do not want to step on people's feelings
I think honest
just because you do not like to hear it
does not mean it does not exist
if I actually allowed

every rude or critical comment ever spoken to me

every insult ever spoken to me

every mean person I have encountered

to personally affect me

I would have
absolutely no self esteem


a lot of times,

if you are too happy, people can find you borin
and if you are too sad, people can find you too complicated
if you do not have really close friends or people in your life to confide in or make you feel better
you must find ways

to confide in yourself

and make yourself feel better

and for me

it is to write poetry

or listen to music

I used to see life

with many colors
and now
I mostly see
Just because you reblog or copy a beautiful piece of writing or a beautiful quote
it does not make you
a beautiful
or a creative
or an inspirational person
unless you are actually a person
who sits down
and creates your own words
and shares your own creativity
just because you relate to something
does not mean it is about you
writers write for a reason
not so our words can be passed around
not everyone is the same
just because you cannot write
does not mean you are a less of a person
but copying someone
is not exactly inspirational or creative
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