i feel good by myself but i don't feel like i can love the same ever again. i can't stop talking about myself and i feel like part of my empathy and capibility to love has withered. i know it's only been one and a half months since we broke up, and it gets better, i get that. and trust me, i'm so much better already. i've made so much progress so far and am awaiting more in the near future. but i feel like this first love, followed by its breakup, just changed me in a way that made me more selfish. it's good to be selfish, i suppose. it's good to care for yourself and put yourself first. but my favorite part of myself is to be unselfish and be curious about others. while i am curious about others, i also ramble on and on about myself, as if i suffocated throughout the whole relationship and never spoke a word to anyone... please let me stop talking... i am only interested in listening.
i wish i had someone to speak with.
i am so lonely.

ogod, i'alonagain

is the quote editor totally jacked for anyone else???
why did you change your mind about loving me? I thought we'd grow old together. I thought you cared.
I've been having a bad day for the past several years.
Lights should guide us in the darkness

But lately, we have only seen starless nights

So we must rely on the unpredictable wind
it scares me that some people have to define themselves in terms of chemical reactions and cells and stars to feel any semblance of self-worth. defintions are ever-changing. surely you must know that?
s2g the people who read my tumblr and witty tags know me better than like my freaking mother
f o r m a t | s k a t e r r u l e s 2 3

It's okay.

Nobody cares, and that's fine.

At least you have yourself, right?

~Voices in my head

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