Ppl Quotes

I f*cking hate rude people so much!
Couples that
look related make me very uncomfortable

The best people are generally nice not just when itsuits them
I Really Hate Judgemental People.
Just Because Someones Race
People Want To Judge.
omeones Taste In Music
And Most Importantly
meones Sexual Preference
I Could Go On & On
Judging People Is Just Wrong.
o Matter What Gender You Are Or Like
ove Is Love
Will Never Change.
Claiming That
Someone Else's Marriage
Is Against Your Religion
Is Like Being Angry At Someone
For Eating A Doughnut
While You're On A Diet.
I need more 
Middle fingers 


We all have that one teacher,
Who no one pays attention to.

Every person ive ever became friends with has been a blessing in my life even if our friendship ended bad they taught me a lesson and im thankful for it because if i wouldn't have learned it i wouldnt be as strong as i am today
Ooh! So when Miley Cyrus twerks in her underwear on Live tv it's ok, but when I do it, I'm being the devils daughter? Makes sense
When celebrities buy 321649821375926 dollar dresses and i'm just here like ''my master has given me a sock''

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