Friendship Quotes

Its a shame that this is where my heart must be left

In the giant holes of hell i once called heaven

Since i thought you were my heaven

i can hear the stars scraping against the sky

this isnt love

this is you using me to love yourself even more
Whoa I havent been on here for years! Hey everyone I have a whole lot of updating to do to this page. I'm curious to see who is still on here from when I was active so favorite this or comment to let me know you're still around! Here are a few major life updates in case you're curious:

1. I now identify as male and have been taking hormones for over 7 months so please only use he/him/his pronouns when talking about me! Thank you in advance!
2. I still go by Julian
3. I am in my 4th semester of college as a Human Development and Family Sciene major
4. I am now an uncle to the cutest baby boy ever! 
5. I miss everyone on here! Please please please reach out to me if you're still on here! 

Anyways, I plan to get on here more often if there's still a lot of activity. I hope life is treating everyone well and that I get to talk to everyone soon! Feel free to follow me on instagram @JustJulianJ if you're on there more than here! 

 february journal prompts 

8. I hope I make people feel      When they're around me: 

Comfortable. I want nothing else than for my friends to feel they can be 100% themselves around me becuase they know I'll accept them no matter what.

 february journal prompts 

7. Write about a bad situation that has turned good in your life: 

I could think of about a hundred characters I'd rather write about, but I guess that's not the point, I fortunately haven't really expericned that many life shattering moments and not too many of the few exerpinces have happy endings. One that does would have to be getting excluded by my friend, let's call her AQUARIUS. It started all the way back in seventh grade when she stopped talking to the friend group and instead walked around with my best friend the entire recess and partically on a daily basis. This situation really made me question whether or not they considered me as a trustworthy friend. No matter how many times I tried to explain my feelings to Aquarius the exclusion remained. I even remember Aquarius making me cry by telling me that my best friend and I weren't going to be friends forever. It was after this experince and not being invited to her parties (even though she had been at every single one of mine) that I realized Aquarius wasn't really my friend. She was nice and usually fun especially around our other mutual friends. But I never forgot the way she treated me. Luckily karma recently repayed me in the form of my best friend (of 11 years and counting) finally cutting aquarius out of our friend group. another postive thing that came from this negative person/time in my life is her block party being the reason my best friend and I met the fourth and probably final addition to our friend group. So thankful I no longer have to make nice with her and whatever random group of people she brought along with her.



 february journal prompts 

2. The quality I admire most  in others is: 

Ambitions.  Motivated people who set goals for themselves and then work until they accomplish them and move on to the next one.  I also really admire when peopl;e can just compliment another person.

 february journal prompts 

2. How do you show love? 

staying in a job I hate, sharing my interests with friends and listening to theirs, play punches, hiding my friends' belongings, buying my friends food/drinks, buying my mom little treats at the store from time to time, always remembering and celebrating my friends and familys birthdays, reading their horoscope, listening to my friends vent, giving advice when asked /called for, buying new fun games I can play with my friends, watching horror movies with friends even though I don't enjoy them. bringing them along to concerts, inside jokes, through sarcastic comments, platonic hand holding and marriage.

 february journal prompts 

1. What makes you feel loved? 

when my Friends check up on me, when my parents give me a ride to work, when my coworkers joke and compliment me, listening and dancing to 80s music, when my mom buys me gifts, Going to concerts, listening to pop punk music, when my friends pay for my coffee/ food, when my friends pick up my mannerisms, watching movies and tv shows with friends, playing card games with friends and family, spending the holidays with friends, when people understand my weird, obscure references, listening to my Girl power playlists on Youtube/spotify, when my friends listen to me rant.
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